Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Google ADwords. Our first time advertising.

We are now advertising on Google ADwords. Wow. It will be exciting to see our name appearing on Google's ad banners. Heheh. 

The years 2015-2017 has been challenging. So far we have worked by family and friends' word of mouth advertisements, hope marketing (this actually works up to a point) which got us some of the way, and then by posting random ads on the local state bar committee webpage, Linkedin, Facebook and Hotfrog. They were all useful. Now we try Google Adwords. For every customer that finds us through Google Adwords, we hope this offsets our recent increase in operational costs and increases our customer base. Customers will be happy to note that our rates remain the same and we have not increased our fees since 2015.

In fact our Merdeka 2017 promotion for transcriptions and translations has started, we offer RM3.00 per minute for transcriptions (contextual services only) and RM75.00 per page for translations (technical/medical/legal translations).

Email us at for more information.