Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Joint transcription and translation services bundle

Dear readers, 

We have received numerous requests from universities, professors, medical doctors and post-grad students for transcription and translation services of bilingual Malay and English audio recordings into written  English format. Since October 2013, we have thus far received about 25 requests. Given that we are a small transcription services firm that provides services mostly for law firms, accounting firms and marketing sales firms thus far, we have had to design a work flow and a transcription/translation process that works for this new category of clients and their time constraints. 

Are there many university medical staff and doctoral students requiring medical transcription services of their research materials and research products? This is interesting! Please note as well that we do provide subsidized rates upon request for students, non-profit organisations, government bodies and public officials.

Do contact us to find out our rates and how we provide these bundled services.
Email: info@tarjima.my